Now Green Energy only!

Ultra Render now achieved its goal to use 100% green energy for all our needs starting 2022. To confirm this our only energy provider Axpo Poland Ltd. issued us a following Certificate: ” This certificate for Ultra Render Ltd. guarantees that 100% of used energy comes from renewable energy sources and confirms joining the programm […]

What GPU server’s configuration is best for your project

When you need additional render power to finish your project on time UltraRender is here to help. As you know we offer different pre configured servers for remote rental but also can prepare custom units. When the budget is tight you need to be sure what is needed and what is only an extra. Below […]

RTX 2080Tix8 ob

8x RTX 2080Ti OctaneBench 4 results

We were testing our currently fastest 8x Nvidia RTX 2080Ti unit with Otoy’s Octane benchmark tool lately. Results are quite satisfying. Server scored 2416,49. That is almost 44% increase in performance compared to previous generation 8x GTX 1080Ti server. No further comment necessary!

8x RTX 2070 server’s OctaneBench

UltraRender’s 8x Nvidia RTX 2070 units performormance is (as expected) quite similar to 8x GTX 1080Ti. Our RTX server with eight 2070 GPUs onboard scored 1622,77 in OctaneBench 4. Where 8x GTX 1080Ti servers’ score is around 1680. Still GTX 1080Ti’s are equipped with 11GB vRAM versus RTX 2070’s 8GB.

GPU servers’ rental – HOW TO

HOW TO – GPU servers’ rental 1. Booking servers 2. Accessing the remote machine   3. Workflow & File Transfer 4. Finishing your rental   1. Booking a machine   Send us an e-mail with some basic informtion stated below so we can start the GPU servers’ booking process. what configuration of remote machine are you […]

Renderfarm – how to

GPU Render Farm 1. Job costs and delivery time estimation Please write us basic informtaion about your project how many frames you need to render what is the average render time per frame using your GPU/GPUs what GPU/GPUs were used for the above estimates what 3D application and renderer it used for the project what […]


Advanced, optional configuration:   DEADLINE INTEGRATION   Configuration Overview When renting an UltraRender chassis, it is important to me that I’m able to utilise the machine as if it were on my local network (as much as reasonably possible). The setup I settled on allowed me to add the server to my Thinkbox’s Deadline Render […]

New Holland Creative Punches Above Its Weight with GPU-Based Pipeline and Thinkbox Software’s Deadline

Founded in 2015, Sydney-based studio New Holland Creative specializes in design and motion graphics for advertising, broadcast and feature films. Its talented team of design directors and animators boast an impressive history of award-winning Design, Visual Effects and Broadcast work. New Holland has recently added Hyundai and Foxtel to their rapidly growing list of clients. […]

Thea + Presto official Render Farm

Thea + Presto official Render Farm

We are happy to announce that we are Thea Render + Presto official Render Farm.Ultra Render has signed an agreement with Solid Iris, the developer of Thea Render. We now hava a status of an official Render Farm of Thea Render. Feel free to contact us about the possibillity of rendering your projects with Thea + […]

Redshift official Render Farm

Redshift official Render Farm

We are happy to announce that from now on we are a Official Redshift Render Farm For those of who need a reminder Redshift is a first GPU-accelerated biased rendering engine. Many times in has been marked as a “thing” to follow by lots of 3D experts.  We announce that Ultra Render is a Official Redshift Render […]