RTX 3090 Tests

Finally we got our hands on a pair of 2nd generation Nvidia RTX 3090 GPUs. First feeling? Those GPUs are BEASTS. Size – enourmous, performance – mind blowing, energy consumption – yes this beast is power hungry. For our tests we used MSI Ventus RTX 3090 24GB GPUs.

First tests with Otoy’s Octane Benchmark showed the advantage over RTX 2080Ti. Single RTX 3090 with RTX on scores 661. Test setup with two RTX 3090 GPUs scored 1305. With RTX off those two GPUs score 968. This is well above previous RTX generation. Just for comparison 4x 2080Ti with RTX on scores just above 1400 and with RTX off the result is 1200. The test was made on a platform with CPU and motherboard supporting only PCIe 3.0 revision.

This generation of RTX graphic cards from Nvidia might be true game chenger.