What software can be provided with servers?

Along with Gpu servers rental we can provide pre installed rendering software to be used with our servers.  We can install for you or manage projects done with software mentioned below: Rendering software Redshift renderer Thea render with Presto engine that utilizes GPUs+CPUs Octane render Iray Cycles with Blender (free) Furry Ball Arion 3D software Cinema 4D […]

Few popular applications to use with GPU servers

Some most popular applications to use with UltraRender servers. Find yours and contact us for benchmarks and server booking. 1. 3D Renderers a) Redshift3D b) Octane renderer by Otoy c) Iray renderer by nvidia arc (formerly known as mental ray gmbh) d) V-ray RT by Chaosgroup e) Blender Cycles with Blender 3D f) Arion renderer […]

Dofinansowanie Projektu POIG

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