Renderfarm – how to

GPU Render Farm


Job costs and delivery time estimation

Please write us basic informtaion about your project

  • how many frames you need to render
  • what is the average render time per frame using your GPU/GPUs
  • what GPU/GPUs were used for the above estimates
  • what 3D application and renderer it used for the project
  • what additional plugins you use
  • when you need to start rendering
  • when is the deadline for job completition
  • what priority you choose for the job

Having the above information we will send you an offer for rendering the job


  • standard – standard pricing
  • high – higher prices, your job queued before all standard tasks and rendered on more machines


Sending files to us

You can send us files using the option of your choice

  • wetransfer
  • Dropbox / Google drive or similar
  • FTP


Recieving rendered images

As a standard we securely share with you a Dropbox folder created only for your rendered images. This way you see images “as they render”. No time wasted for download after the job is finished. Also this is the best way to spot any errors and react quickly.

If you wish them delivered using other tool like FTP it is also possible, just give us a note.