Iray benchmark with Daz3D and 4x GTX970

Iray benchmark with Daz3D and 4x GTX970

Hi, we have run some benchmark tests with Iray and Daz3D el-Hilal? software.

We used a scene from cheap jerseys Daz3D forum (ps. Big wholesale nba jerseys thanks Christopher SickleYield for creating this scene and posting it on the forum, free to use).

Renders were made using suggested scene’s settings. OS is Win7 x64. UltraRender Post Server used for this test has 2xXeon CPUs and 4 x GTX 970 GPUs onboard.

Results are:

1min 36sec using GPUs only

2min 14sec using CPUs and GPUs

Quite Dofinansowanie interesting. Moreover we get similar results (GPUS wholesale nfl jerseys only are faster to than GPUs & CPUs) with Iray on 3ds Max Servers 2016