Arion Benchmark GTX 4×970 server

Today we tested our GTX server with 4x nVidia 970 gpus with Arion renderer.

The machine scored 5312,37 with Arion Benchmark. The result is quite ok but there is not a big difference between 4x 970 gpus and 4x 580 gpus rendering times – if I calculate it right only about 10% speed increase in favour of newer cards.

Compared to the old top performer 580 iray bench scores are about 30% higher on new maxwell architecture gpus – 970. With Octane renderer 970 gpus are about 25% faster than the old 580 and definitely less power consuming.

To test your machine visit randomcontrol arion renderer website

Cant wait to test the GTX 8×970 or the 980 Ti!