Arion benchmark 7x GTX 970 server

Arion benchmark 7x GTX 970 server

Following our recent tests on a machine with 4x nvidia maxwell series GPUs we tested Arion renderer with 3 more cards plugged in. Our machine run Windows 7 x64. To test the rendering speed and scalability of Arion we used ArionBench downloaded from Running the benchmark test on 7x 970 GPUs gave a result […]

Blender Cycles benchmark 4×970 gpus

To test the system we used blender 2.75 x64 release. The cycels renderer utilized all four gpus. Both scenes downloaded from The updated file rendered in 00:37,38 sec. The older version of benchmark file BMW1M rendered in 18 seconds. Cycles with blender shows significant performance increase on newer series of top nVidia GPUs (series 9xx, […]


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